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Zeta RO Installer

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Zeta RO - Full Installer ( Updated: June 7, 2021 ) You only need to download ONE(1) from any of the mirrors below, extract the files to your computer, run Zeta RO Patcher, then play the game!

Nice! See you guys tomorrow! 


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On 2/24/2021 at 7:55 AM, Daddy Chill said:

I found my solution, I resolved it by turning off my anti virus. But I want to thank you all for taking this matter seriously ❤️ More Power!


Glad you figured it out. 🙂

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So I'm able to login for about 2 minutes before it crashes and I get a message saying Gepard VM code 7 "Cannot run this in a virtual machine"

Not sure what this even means but does anyone have a fix for this?


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18 minutes ago, Tolits said:

Can you provide us with a step by step (With pictures) on the download?mine is stuck..



That means your Zeta RO is open. you need to close the game when you patch.

It can only mean that you opened the patcher directly and didn't extract the files.

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4 hours ago, Elle. said:

Hello, I just want to ask how to fix this? I played smoothly yesterday but this morning it went like this :s




delete server.dat then run the patcher again

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hi hope you can help me guys i tried to download this game but after installing the game it keeps giving me an error that the gepard dll is missing i already try do reinstall the game off the sound to the openset up but still having the same error.. btw i can only use mirror 2 from mega. try to use other mirror but it didnt go through. there is no prob on my connect because i successfully download it on my cp..

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