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Zeta RO - Server & Forum Rules

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In-Game Rules

  1. Be respectful to the community, especially the staff team.
  2. Do not exploit bugs or unintended behaviors that you encounter.
  3. Any form of hate speech is not allowed.
  4. Selling your in-game belongings outside the game is strictly prohibited.
  5. Do not talk about other RO servers when you are in our platform.
  6. Impersonating another person is not allowed.
  7. Scamming, hacking, and any form mischievousness is not allowed. However, you are solely responsible for the security of your account and its belongings.
  8. Creating a new account or character to bypass your punishment is not allowed.


The staff team reserves all their rights to serve and punish anyone who breaks the rules.

Said rules may also change from time to time, without further notice.


Forum Rules

  1. Be respectful and nice to everyone.
  2. Do not spam, bump your own posts, or post phishing links.
  3. Always post on the correct category or forums.
  4. Do not derail topics and posts.
  5. Any form of hate speech is not allowed.
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