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Zeta RO - Server & Forum Rules

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In-Game Rules

  1. Be respectful to the community, especially the staff team.
  2. Do not exploit bugs or unintended behaviors that you encounter.
  3. Any form of hate speech is not allowed.
  4. Selling your in-game belongings outside the game is strictly prohibited.
  5. Do not talk about other RO servers when you are in our platform.
  6. Impersonating another player/party/guild is not allowed.
  7. Scamming, hacking, and any form mischievousness is not allowed. However, you are solely responsible for the security of your account and its belongings.
  8. Creating a new account or character to bypass your punishment is not allowed.
  9. Trading your Zeta RO account or items for "off-game" currencies(ex. real money) is strictly prohibited and will result to a ban.
  10. Any form of action that automates farming or NPC interaction is not allowed when the player is away from his/her device.


The staff team reserves all their rights to serve and punish anyone who breaks the rules.

Said rules may also change from time to time, without further notice.


Forum Rules

  1. Be respectful and nice to everyone.
  2. Do not spam, bump your own posts, or post phishing links.
  3. Always post on the correct category or forums.
  4. Do not derail topics and posts.
  5. Any form of hate speech is not allowed.
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Player Code of Conduct

We encourage open and friendly conversations in the game and community. Our chat rooms, forums, global chat, party chat, guild chat, and private messages have been created to provide you with a fun, friendly, competitive, and constructive place to share your experiences, seek and provide advice, meet and strategize with other players, discuss ideas, and receive help from the community. To help us maintain this fun and safe community, we simply ask that you be respectful to your fellow ZetaRO players by adhering to our Code of Conduct when chatting in-game or posting in our forums.
The admin team reserves the right to modify these guidelines at any time, as well as take appropriate actions including account suspension and deletion to protect the integrity and spirit of the game, regardless of whether a specific behavior is listed here as prohibited.
The general guidelines for posting are as follows:

  • Be Respectful - Our game is a place for players to express themselves and their individuality, while playing with your teammates. And although everyone’s points of view may not always be the same, harassing, bullying, threatening, offending, or any form of mistreatment towards others will not be tolerated. We count on you to let us know if you see any toxic behavior in ZetaRO.
  • Be Constructive - If you have any questions or concerns about the game or another player’s insights, please make sure that your feedback is well thought-out and your criticism is constructive. The best way for our dev team to build upon your suggestions or address your concerns is if your feedback and criticism is specific or actionable. If you don’t like a recent release or if you disagree with someone, explain why you think it’s not working out, and what can be done better.

The following are examples of behavior that will result in disciplinary actions:

  • Offensive Behavior - Racist, sexist, homophobic, ableist, abusive, sexually explicit, discriminatory, unlawful, threatening, or offensive language of any sort. This game is meant to be fun and friendly, so in order to keep it that way, moderators and admins will have the final say in what is and what isn’t inappropriate.
  • Spamming - Multiple or repetitive posts that disrupt conversations.
  • Sexually Explicit Language - Language that expresses anything obscene, pornographic, or sexually explicit.
  • Selling/Advertising - Posts that advertise, promote, or solicit external services, referrals, websites or commercial enterprises.
  • Illegal Behavior - Posts that discuss, promote, or encourage illegal activities.
  • Cheating - Discussion or promotion of cheats, hacks, or malicious viruses or programs without staff approval.
    • Players that are reported by Gepard Shield will be subject to punishment:
      • 1st Offense - 1 Week Ban
      • 2nd Offense - 1 Month Ban
      • 3rd Offense - Permanent Ban
      • 4th Offense - IP Ban
  • Personal Attacks - Verbally insulting/demeaning other users, ZetaRO Admin Team, or the service as a whole.
  • Trolling - Intentionally trying to provoke others or needlessly antagonizing other forum users / staff
  • Impersonating An Admin - Impersonating any individual, business, or entity, including a ZetaRO Admin, or communicating in any way that makes it appear that the communication comes from the ZetaRO Admin Team.
  • Bullying - Posts that threaten the well-being of others, spread rumors, or verbally attack other players.
  • Physical Threats - Language that threatens violence or physical harm to others players.
  • Punishment Evasion - All punishments are binding until expiration or removal upon successful appeal. Any attempt to circumvent your punishment by using other characters, accounts, identities, or by appearing on another user’s account will also result in an additional enforcement against your accounts, up to an indefinite suspension. 

The admin team reserves the right to suspend, terminate, alter or delete a player’s account at any time for any reason, with or without notice to you, and with no liability of any kind to you.

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