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[Guide] Faction System

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We have a new feature called Factions, they are similar to guilds but have no leaders nor member limit.

You may ask, what are Factions for? Well, players that belong to a Faction has a 5% damage bonus against players that do not belong to a Faction. This bonus applies everywhere - be it PvP, GvG or even duels!

Joining a Faction is free, and you will be asked to join once on the first character of your account. If you accidentally closed the NPC dialog, simply visit the Faction Manager via @gonpc 43.

However, if you wish to leave and change your Faction, it will cost you 269 Credits and 2,000,000 Zeny


The faction that you are affiliated with will be displayed beside your character's name. You will also see other players' Faction affiliation.


But that's not it, each Faction has their own strengths & weaknesses. For example:

  • Nova can have 3% more resist/damage to players against the Skags Faction
  • Skags can have 3% more resist/damage to players against the Raiders Faction.
  • Raiders can have 3% more resist/damage to players against the Nova Faction.

*You can only activate either the resist or damage bonus. And by default, the resist bonus is activated. This can be done by talking to the Faction Manager (@gonpc 43)

Included in the Faction system is the Faction War and it has replaced the previous GvG schedule (Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday 10~11PM)

During the Faction War, and endless wave of monsters will spawn, your goal as a member of your Faction is to kill as many monsters as you can. You only have 10 seconds to prepare before the next round starts.

PK/PvP is turned off inside the Faction War map, but ALL MOBS inside drop their respective loot. To add to that - on every 50 waves, a rare MvP monster will spawn. Below is the list of rare MvPs monsters:

  • Ifrit
  • Gloom Under Night
  • Fallen Bishop Hibram
  • Valkyrie Randgris
  • Berzebub
  • Thanatos
  • Lord Knight Seyren
  • High Wizard Katrinn
  • High Priest Margaretha
  • Whitemith Howard
  • Sniper Cecil
  • Assassin Cross Eremes

The war will last for an hour and the Faction with the most monsters killed shall be declared winner and will receive extra Faction points.

If you are a support character, worry not, since the way that you earn Faction points is by how long you've been inside the map and not through the number of monster that a player has killed. You will also receive an Yggdrasil Seed Box every minute of participation.


You can use your Faction points to buy exclusive headgears or supplies:



We will add Faction-exclusive headgears in the future along with Faction-exclusive quests as an additional way of earning Faction points, so stay tuned!

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