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Changelogs - 07/19/2021

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  • Implemented Faction System (@gonpc 43):
    • Players who do not belong to a Faction will receive 5% more damage from players that belong to a Faction.
    • However, players that belong to a faction will gain advantage to a specific Faction only. For example:
      • Nova can have 3% more resist/damage to players against the Skags Faction
      • Skags can have 3% more resist/damage to players against the Raiders Faction.
      • Raiders can have 3% more resist/damage to players against the Nova Faction.
    • Joining a Faction is free an is account-wide. But leaving a Faction will cost you 269 Credits and 2b Zeny.
    • The GvG event schedule has been replaced by the Faction War.
      • During the Faction War, an endless wave of monster will spawn. Simply type @factionwarp to join.
      • Each monster that your Faction kills will contribute to your Faction's score.
      • For every 50 waves, a rare MvP monster will spawn (Ex: Thanatos, Ifrit, Lord Knight Seyren)
      • At the end of the Faction War, the Faction with the highest score(or monsters killed) will win the war along with a bonus of 60 Faction Points.
      • As a bonus, each minute inside the map will earn you a Faction Point.
      • PvP is turned off inside the Faction War map.
    • Faction Points can be used to buy exclusive headgears & supplies
      • As of now, we have migrated the GvG shop items to the Faction Points shop.
      • There will be Faction-exclusive costumes that will be added soon.
    • More Faction-exclusive features will be added soon.
  • Since the GvG schedule has been replaced, the shop will remain open until the end of the month only.
  • PvP Arena Changes:
    • New Dragonball Z themed map
    • Renamed "Free For All" to "Restricted PvP" arena
  • Added War Badge prize in WoE/KoE participation rewards
  • Added War Badge prize in KoE MvG rewards
  • Removed Gold requirements in PvP/MvP/Mission points shops
  • Added Sunset on the Rock in Pet Foods seller
  • Class Updates:
    • Arch Bishop
      • Coluceo Heal
        • Can now bypass spell immunity 
        • Reduced cooldown to 0.5 seconds
    • Royal Guard
      • Mana Shield
        • Buff will be removed when player changes equipments.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed a bug where self-kills like Chemical Explosion is being counted in the WoE/KoE kill rankings.
    • Fixed FAW Magic Decoy & FAW Removal.
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