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Server Information

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Server Specifications

  • Custom 3rd Job Skills
  • Custom Classes (Necromancer, Hokage)
  • Max Base Level: 255
  • Max Job Level: 120
  • Max Attack Speed: 197
  • Base Exp. Rate: x15000
  • Job Exp. Rate: x15000
  • Quest Exp. Rate: x2000
  • Normal Card Drop Rate: 10%
  • MVP Card Drop Rate: 5%
  • Rare Card Drop Rate: 1%
  • Common Item Drop Rate: x1000
  • Equipment Drop Rate: x1000
  • MVP Equipment Drop Rate: x100

Other Features

  • Unlimited Ammunition (Arrows, Bullets, Ninja Tools)
  • Pet Levelling System
  • All monsters can deal critical damage.
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Zeta RO Staff Team

  • [ Admin/Founder ] Sandbox
  • [ GM/Moderator ] Mino
  • [ Moderator ] BestMatch


Note: The staff team shall never ask for any personal information, specially your password. If you see someone impersonating the staff team, report them immediately.

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