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This guide will show you how to finish the Dragonball Z Storyline Quest in order to obtain Daedalus Weapons. You can only obtain a weapon corresponding to the class you are using to finish the quest and you can only make 1 per account. (NOTE: When doing the quest for RK and GX, the weapon you create will be random between the two.)  (Type @ii2 :itemID: to check the weapon stat)

Daedalus-Sword.png Daedalus Sword - Rune Knight (Item ID: 3515)

Daedalus-Katar.png Daedalus Katar - Guillotine Cross (Item ID: 3516)

Daedalus-Staff.png Daedalus Staff - Warlock (Item ID: 3517)

Daedalus-Bow.png Daedalus Bow - Ranger (Item ID: 3518)

Daedalus-Claw.png Daedalus Claw - Sura (Item ID: 3519)

Daedalus-Dagger.png Daedalus Dagger - Guillotine Cross (Item ID: 3520)

Daedalus-Guitar.png Daedalus Guitar - Minstrel (Item ID: 3521)

Daedalus-Rope.png Daedalus Rope - Wanderer (Item ID: 3522)

Daedalus-Banryu.png Daedalus Banryu - Royal Guard (Item ID: 3523)

Daedalus-Revolver.png Daedalus Revolver - Gunslinger (Item ID: 3524)

Daedalus-Spea.png Daedalus Spear - Rune Knight (Item ID: 3525)

Daedalus-Axe.png Daedalus Axe - Mechanic (Item ID: 3526)



STEP 1: To start the quest. Talk to Gohan, he will tell you what jobs are eligible to do the quest. (@gonpc 42) He will ask you to send regards to his friends and will ask you for the following items:

200 Gift Box Gift Box.gif (Item ID: 644)

200 Wrapping Lace Wrapping Lace.gif (Item ID: 7174)

200 Wrapping Paper Wrapping Paper.gif (Item ID: 7175)

Normally you could get this from OBB/OPB and Xmas Events, but let's head on to step 2.



 STEP 2: Oolong (@warp xmas 218 227) can help you make the Wrapping Laces and Wrapping Paper. Here are the requirements for each: (For each set you bring him he will give 50 pcs of each.) (Click here for Dye Making Guide)

For Wrapping Lace Wrapping Lace.gif:

50 Sharp Paper Sharp Paper.gif(Item ID: 7112)

25 Scarlet Dyestuffs Scarlet Dye.gif (Item ID: 975)

For Wrapping Paper Wrapping Paper.gif:

50 Slick Paper Slick Paper.gif (Item ID: 7111)

50 Darkgreen Dyestuffs Darkgreen Dyew.gif (Item ID: 979)



 STEP 3: Popo (@warp einbroch 82 277) Before you can talk to Master Popo, bring back the 200 pcs of Wrapping Lace and paper to Gohan (@gonpc 42) first. He then will ask you for the following items:

300 Flexible Tube Flexible Tube.gif (Item ID: 7325)

400 Jubilee Jubilee.gif (Item ID: 7312)

500 Large Jellopy Large Jellopy.gif (Item ID: 7126)

600 Porcupine Quill Porcupine Quill.gif (Item ID: 1027)



 STEP 4: Krillin (@warp einbech 245 164) Talk to him and he will ask for the following:

5 Zerom Card Card.gif (Item ID: 4064)

5 Requiem Card Card.gif (Item ID: 4104)

5 Matyr Card Card.gif (Item ID: 4097)

5 Pasana Card Card.gif (Item ID: 4099)

5 Marduk Card Card.gif (Item ID: 4112)

5 Mimic Card Card.gif (Item ID: 4205)

5 Minorous Card Card.gif (Item ID: 4126)

5 Anubis Card Card.gif (Item ID: 4138)

5 Sidewinder Card Card.gif (Item ID: 4117)

5 Majoruros Card Card.gif (Item ID: 4201)


Tien Shinhan.gif

STEP 5: Tien Shinhan (@warp yuno 281 387) Talk to him and he will ask for the following items:

11 Black Dyestuffs Black Dyestuffs.gif (Item ID: 983)

111 Black Cat Doll Black Cat Doll.gif (Item ID: 7206)

22 Dark Mask Dark Mask.gif (Item ID: 7157)

222 Black Hair Black Hair.gif (Item ID: 1020)

33 Little Ghost Doll Little Ghost Doll.gif (Item ID: 7268)

333 Piece of Black Cloth Piece of Black Cloth.gif (Item ID: 7205)


Master Buten.gif

STEP 5: Master Buten (splendide 199 273). You cannot use @warp on this map but you can reach it by using the Warp Agent > Towns > Splendide. Either manually walk to him or teleport. He can be found here:


He will ask for the following items:

100 Blue Hair Blue Hair.gif (Item ID: 1034)

100 Burning Hair Burning Hair.gif (Item ID: 7122)

100 Glossy Hair Glossy Hair.gif (Item ID: 7152)

100 Golden Hair Golden Hair.gif (Item ID: 1060)

100 Horrendous Hair Horrendous Hair.gif (Item ID: 1048)



STEP 5: Piccolo (@warp umbala 131 201) Talk to him and he will ask for the following items:

1 Solar Sword Solar Sword.gif (Item ID: 1136)

1 Orcish Sword Orcish Sword.gif (Item ID: 1124)

1 Fortune Sword Fortune Sword.gif (Item ID: 1223)

1 Immaterial Sword Immaterial Sword.gif (Item ID: 1141)

1 Atlas Weapon Atlas Weapon.gif (Item ID: 1175)

1 Katzbalger Katzbalger.gif (Item ID: 1170)

1 Cutlus Cutlus.gif (Item ID: 1135)



STEP 5: Yamcha (@warp moc_ruins 20 44). Talk to him and answer the questions. If you're paying attention to the storyline, the answers are pretty easy. If not, just check the answers here:


1. Dragonball Z
2. Tirfing
3. Lutie
4. 3 (Three)
5. Capsule Corp



STEP 6: Bulma (@warp gonryun 47 259). Talk to her and she will ask to bring her the following items: 

1 Valhalla's Flower Valhalla Flower.gif (Item ID: 7510)

100 Izidor Izidor.gif (Item ID: 709)

150 Illusion Flower Illusion Flower.gif (Item ID: 710)

200 Witherless Rose Witherless Rose.gif (Item ID: 748)

250 Singing Flower Singing Flower.gif (Item ID: 629)

300 Shoot Shoot.gif (Item ID: 711)

350 Hinalle Hinalle.gif (Item ID: 703)

400 Singing Plant Singing Plant.gif (Item ID: 707)



STEP 7: Vegeta (@warp lighthalzen 71 255) Talk to him and he will ask you for the following items: 

10 Agate Agate.gif (Item ID: 7291)

10 Biotite Biotite.gif (Item ID: 7297)

10 Citrin Citrin.gif (Item ID: 7295)

10 Muscovite Muscovite.gif (Item ID: 7292)

10 Peridot Peridot.gif (Item ID: 7289)

10 Phlogopite Phlogopite.gif (Item ID: 7290)

10 Pyroxene Pyroxene.gif (Item ID: 7296)

10 Rose Quartz Rose Quartz.gif (Item ID: 7293)

10 Turquoise Turquoise.gif (Item ID: 7294)



STEP 7: Chaozu (@warp moscovia 110 120) Talk to him and he will ask you to find flowers around Moscovia and extract their pollens. You can find them yourself or just check the coordinates below. You need a Flexible tube Flexible Tube.gif and a Glass Tube Glass Tube.gif to extract the pollen (Extracting pollens are not 100% chance). (Glass Tube can be bought from @warp alde_alche 38 184)


Yellow Flower.gifBlue Flower.gifRed Flower.gif

Yellow Flower - @warp moscovia 240 80

Blue Flower - @warp moscovia 139 248

Red Flower - @warp moscovia 246 241



STEP 8: Chichi (@warp ra_temin 170 163) Talk to her and she will ask you to bring the following items: 

100 Amethyst Amethyst.gif (Item ID: 719)

100 Aquamarine Aquamarine.gif (Item ID: 720)

100 Emerald Emerald.gif (Item ID: 721)

100 Garnet Garnet.gif (Item ID: 718)

100 Opal Opal.gif (Item ID: 727)

100 Pearl Pearl.gif (Item ID: 722)

100 Ruby Ruby.gif (Item ID: 723)

100 Sapphire Saphhire.gif (Item ID: 726)

100 Sardonyx Sardonyx.gif (Item ID: 725)

100 Topaz Topaz.gif (Item ID: 728)

100 Zircon Zircon.gif (Item ID: 729)

333 Cat's Eye Cat's Eye.gif (Item ID: 7263)

666 War Badge War Badge.gif (Item ID: 7773)



STEP 9: Kakarot (@warp mag_dun02 211 29) Talk to him and he will ask you to bring the following items: 





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Warbadge to be tradable otherwise only powerful guilds can quest this since warbadge can only be obtained through koe like top killers/breaker, LD, MVG, owner.

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15 hours ago, oridecon said:

Warbadge to be tradable otherwise only powerful guilds can quest this since warbadge can only be obtained through koe like top killers/breaker, LD, MVG, owner.

Up @Sandbox 🙈 hard for me to do this quest since restricted warbadge

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