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Neo-cP's Newbie Guide (Multiple Options)

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I will leave this potato here as this is a long post. 

Potato Meme Stickers | TeePublic


Make sure to do read our Server's Guide before proceeding with this guide. here's the Link



We have lots of Option on how to start in our beloved Server. 

  1. Gold Room
  2. Khukri
  3. MVP Arena
  4. Token Quest
  5. @Quest (Wings/Headgear)
  6. YGG Berry/Evil Horns
  7. Monster Arena
  8. Bloody Branch
  9. Dead Branch
  10. Streamer Farming (Optional)

I. Gold Room:

Gold Room could easily grant you Raw Zenny by killing Golden Dokebis, 1 gold sells for 124,000z if overprized using Merchant's Skill "Overcharge"

Note: Gold Room has a 6hrs Limit and 12hrs Cooldown.

Job to Use: Shadow Chaser (Bow Type)

Equips (Cheap):

Item Name (Where to obtain)

Headgear: Cygnus Helm with Vanberk Card ( @Quest - Headgear)

Lower Gear: Claw Wings ( @Quest - Wings)

Armor: Odin's Blessing with Byorgue Card (Get the card from OCA at gl_cas02)

Mid Gear:Dark Blinders with Vanberk Card (RSX MVP)

Weapon: Free Composite bow + 10 with 2x Sealed Turtle General Cards and 2 Strouf Cards

Garment: Wool Scarf with Giant Whisper Card

Shoes: Tidal Shoes with Moonlight Flower Card

Accessory: Orlean's Gloves with 2x Zerom Card


Stat Build:

Max Dex, Put some agi until 197 Aspd. around 20-40 str to carry berries, and rest is vit for survivability. 

II. Khukri

Use your Gold Room Character or just a random max level warlock XD, Kill Petite monsters in mjolnir_03 and get the following loots:

Aloevera - Sells for 150m per 1k pcs
Elunium - Essential for Armor Refining
Khukri - Sells for 148k (Overcharged) in the NPC

Dont forget to Kill and loot as much as you could! and utilize @gstorage and @storage commands, also dont forget to use @pk to avoid killers hehe

Stats for Wiz/Warlock:

Max Str

Dex- 150 total

Rest is Int

Stats for Bow Type:

Max Str

Dex - 200

Rest is Agi

III. MVP Arena

Check out my MVP Sura Guide for this

Important Loots:

MVP Arena Alpha:

Mother's Nighmare (Fiest of Fury/Icarus Weapons/Break the Seal Quest)

Young Twig (Skewer/ Break the Seal)

Tiger's Footskin (Demon Wings Quest)

MVP Cards

MVP Etc Drops

MVP Arena Beta:

MVP Cards (Turtle General is Most Important)

MVP Etc drops

MVP Arena Theta:

Shining Spear Blade (Skewer/Icarus Weapons)

MVP Cards (Doppelganger Card is the Most Important)

MVP Etc Drops

MVP Arena Epsilon:

Majestic Goat [0]

MVP Etc Drops

MVP Cards

IV. Token Quest

please refer to the server's token quest guide, Here's the link:


V. @quest (Wings/Headgears)

Utilize the command @quest to know more about the quests available in our server. most of the items in the donate shop is quest able so it could be achieved by anyone, as long as you are really committed on getting the items. 😄


VI. YGG Berry/ Evil Horn

Here you need a semi Geared Wizard or Non Geared Wizard


Upper: Mizukage Hat with Isilla Card

Mid: Dark Blinkers with Isilla Card

Lower: Arctic Wings

Armor: Spring Armor with Tao Gunka Card

Shield: Orlean's Server with GTB Card or no Cards will Do

Weapon: +Rod[4] Doppelganger Card, 3x Hill Wind Card

Garment: Flame Mantau(Naght Sieger) with Raydric Card

Shoes: Tidal Shoes with Moonlight Flower Card

Accessory 1: Orlean's Glove with Raydric Archer Card

Accessory 2: Spring Ring


Max Str for Capacity

150 Total Dex for Insta Cast

150 Int

Some agi for 197 aspd

then the rest is Vit for Survivability


Set Yggberry and Evil Horn and box of resentment  on @alootid command and dont forget to use @pk to avoid getting killed by random players.

VII. Monster Arena

Please refer to our server's guide on Monster arena, Here's the link:


VIII. Bloody Branch

Same as No. III, best to deal with MVPs is the Sura Job

List of important items to be looted on Bloody Branch

Bloody Branch
@autoloottype +card
@autoloottype +etc
@alootid +majestic goat
@alootid +ice pick
@alootid +sphinx hat
@alootid +pipe
@alootid +assassin dagger
@alootid +dagger of counter
@alootid +603
@alootid +644
@alootid +616
@alootid +617
@alootid +607

here's some addition

@alootid +13017

@alootid +gungnir

@alootid +pole axe

IX. Dead Branch


Headgear: Kakashi/Sound Head Protector/ Cygnus Helm with Pharaoh Card

Mid Gear: Hollow Mask/Tobi Mask/Dark Blinder/Magina Blindfold with Pharaoh Card

Lower: Gargoyle Wing(Kakashi)/Claw Wings

Armor: Valkyrie Armor/Odin's Blessing with Tao Gunka Card

Weapon: Icarus Revolver/Garisson [3] Doppel Turtle General 2x

Garment: Wool Scarf with Raydric Card

Shoes: Tidal Shoes with General Egnigem Card

Accessory: Gloves with Mimic Card 2x


200 STR - Maximize Weight Capacity 

200 Dex - for Damage output

Some Agi to reach 197 aspd

and the rest is Vit for Survivability


List of Important Items to be looted while doing Dead Branch Farming (Break the Seal Quest Aimed)

@alootid +7168
@alootid +1058
@alootid +7048
@alootid +7289
@alootid +7290
@alootid +7292
@alootid +7297
@alootid +7293
@alootid +7296
@alootid +7035
@alootid +7443
@alootid +7444
@alootid +7214
@alootid +7156
@alootid +7111
@alootid +7024
@alootid +7011
@alootid +644
@alootid +603
@alootid +969

Note: Deadbranch and Bloody Branch could be bought Inside the Public/Private DB Rooms 

Lastly is 

X. Streamer Farming

Visit our Game Streamers for In-game Item rewards:

You could also get Streamer Giveaway Box from them where you can get 3pcs Bubble Gum that could be sold around 5-8c each and 1pc TCG which could be sold 5c each.

Also dont forget to visit my page https://www.facebook.com/www.neocrab hehe!


Happy Farming! ❤️

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