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Comprehensive Mudfish VPN Guide

Disclaimer : This is a PAID VPN that requires optimal effort for the best results


Wondering how you can make your ping lower? Basic VPNs aren't working for you or just makes your ping higher? Well, the answer is here. Introducing Mudfish, probably the cheapest Gaming VPN solution with full network customization. How cheap? Minimum payment is only $3 for a pay-per-traffic plan that can averagely last you a couple of months depending on usage if you use it solely on Ragnarok.

Where to download :

You can download Mudfish VPN at this link and register through here.


How to test :

Mudfish gives out an approx. 10Mb data for you to test out if it works or not by confirming their email that will be sent to you. Install the software and make sure that you run it as an admin.


Configuring Mudfish for Zeta RO :

First step is to activate Expert mode by clicking the User button on the upper right and clicking on Edit Profile 



Scroll down and click 'ON' for the Expert mode and click Modify at the bottom :



Now you have to log out by clicking on the User button again, just log back in to refresh the new settings.

Once you've logged backed in, its time to configure Zeta's IP. Click 'Items' on the upper left corner then click manage items :



You should see a '+' button on the lower right and click on it like so :



Input the necessary information as indicated on the screenshot below and click on 'Add':

Routing Path :

RTT Check IP :



You should be returned to your homepage after adding ZetaRO information. Just click on it again and enter Setup :





Modifying appropriate server nodes for Zeta RO :

- The server is currently located approximately in Tokyo, Japan which is at the center of the country. So now we have to target servers either in Japan/Tokyo itself or neighboring countries where your data might pass through on the way. Now, depending on your country of origin and ISP, each server node give different results, the target here is to find which is the best for you.



- For starters, lets do Basic mode first, simply choose a server from JP Asia then click on 'Save' at the bottom of the screen. You should return to your homepage, and just click on Connect :



A load screen should appear and if ran for the first time, Windows Network settings, just click on Apply/Agree.

How to know if it works? 

open your Command Prompt and type in "ping -t" you could do a before and after comparison and in-game ping would be at most +/- 5ms unless your ISP is semi-crap on intl routing.



[Advanced Mode]

- This works best if you're not located in South East Asia since you can configure where your router hops go. To simplify, your data crosses through different server hubs jumping from one to another until it reaches the destination host server then back again. With Mudfish, you can somehow control this to have it avoid jumping through dead / crap servers or simply not go through it lowering your ping.

As an example :

A player from New Jersey can have his data go through (Home -> New Jersey -> Illinois -> Colorado -> California -> Japan(Destination))

With a fine tuned Mudfish configuration, it can go like (Home -> New Jersey -> Central State -> California -> Japan) please note that less router hops means less ping jitter (amount of difference from your lowest and highest ping).

You have to make router jumps yourselves since this requires geographic information and is very specific on the user thus I can't really cover this with a guide.


PS : If you want to have yours tailor fitted, you can contact me through Discord (Tinne#7211) but I'll be charging in-game currency for the service. Payment first with a return guarantee if it doesn't work. You can always report me to GMs if I ever scam you anyways . Action will be done through full control Team Viewer. Included in this service is when we ever change hosts in the future, I'll still configure Mudfish for you.


*If you play mainly on Wi-Fi, results are unnoticeable due to default modem's security measures on changing connection status via wireless connections. I can only help those with wired connections.


Note : I'll update this if we ever change hosts again and if additional information should be required.

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2 hours ago, Script said:

Ano po best piliin na server para iwas lag and packetlost?


There is no "best" server. Performance differs on your location & ISP. E.G, my NCR Converge's best server is Tokyo Linode 3, while my guildie's PLDT is Tokyo Aliyun or something like that.

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