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Player Report Program

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Hello everyone!

As everyone is quite aware, along with our explosive population growth, we have also experienced some issues regarding players getting involved in RMTs(Real Money Transactions), and the discovery of in-game bugs. Once more, we would like to reiterate that getting involved in Real Money Transactions will result in your account being suspended per our Server & Forum Rules.

As this is something that does prove difficult for the staff team to monitor 24/7, we are happy to introduce an incentive program for players who successfully report any RMT sellers, and any bugs in-game that they find. Of course, these reports still need to be validated, but once that's cleared, we will be rewarding the reporters with TCG for helping keep the Zeta RO community fair and fun. This incentive will be effective immediately.

We will be granting TCG rewards to those players who report any validated RMT transactions or bugs. There will be no limit to how many RMTs and bugs a player can report as long as these can be properly validated. The amount of TCG to be granted will be decided on by the staff team on a case-to-case basis, but we'll do our best to make sure that you feel like the help you provided will be rewarded appropriately.

However, please also note, that we will also be keeping an eye out for any bogus reports and these will be dealt with via in-game suspension of both the RMTer/Bug Abuser including the reporting account. For RMT reports, you may want to send me a message privately via Forums or Discord to protect your identity.

Seeing as how our community has always been on top of things when it comes to reporting these kinds of incidents, we are confident that this will help improve the efficiency of bug reporting/RMT reports that the team receives. We are hoping that this will also improve the server quality as we will be able to keep tabs on these issues with the community's assistance. 

Thank you to everyone in advance from the ZetaRO Staff Team!

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good idea. . .but it's been made. Question is, will admin take his stand once they find out who the culprits are? As far as I can remember, this idea's already been implemented since the boom of RMT in private servers way back 2004. They only target small prawns but the BIG FISHES are still swimming freely. Just like IRL. I can actually see someone on cam. Pity. Your GMs can actually catch them easy. However. . .🤭

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people using this report program to make people ban. they will create fake account then tell a person (who is still not selling his ingame items) if he sells something. then make a an offer and make that person to be banned.

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