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I would like to discuss about farming with Homunculus.

Go to solution Solved by Lili,


Before I start this discussion I do want to mention I am new to this server I just started playing a week ago.

This is not meant to upset anyone as I just want to have a better understanding of where the rules stand for this.

Today I was running 4 Alchemist farming items with my Homunculus and then I was jailed by admin Snow.

This is not an attack or anything towards Snow as he was just abiding to the rules he believes is correct.

He did mention he messaged me but I was on my other account leveling and missed it, and he was kind enough to let me out of jail which I appreciate.

Although I know some members of the community may not agree with this form of farming but it is part of the game for a reason no bots or 3rd party programs are being used.

I think we should be more specific with the rules.

At no point did I read on the server rules post on the forum did it mention that Homunculus leveling is illegal, afk leveling, or multi-clienting is illegal.

Did I think I did anything wrong today before Snow jailed me? No because I looked at the servers rule and it did not mention any of those thing I brought up.

What do you guys consider AFK leveling if I am running 4 clients and I am watching my screen is that legal? because technically I am not AFK lol we must be specific please.

It's like real life if your not specific with laws people will always find ways to work around it. I am just using what's part of this server which are "Homunculus and Multi-Client"

Correct me if I Am wrong. Please do not tell me this falls into rule #2 as there is not exploits being used I am just using what I have been allowed to use.

If it's not on there I think it is your job to update the rules so future new players may not have this misunderstanding.


I have attached an image which include the server rules. 502931397_Gamerules.thumb.png.3da73f155f7e346e1ae15b8f39f1787a.png





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Hi there, I'd like to thank you for providing feedback on this subject, and the current Server & Forum Rules. I'm Lili, one of the ZetaRO admins and I'd like to address your concerns individually, if that's alright with you.


Firstly, the term AFK farming itself denotes that you are away from the keyboard and not actively playing. If you are using 4 clients and are watching all screens, then technically, yes, that would be legal as you are no longer AFK. However, please note that this will also carry the responsibility on your end to reply to a message from our GM team's manual checks (which was the reason why you were initially jailed). Second, we were regularly broadcasting in-game that bots/AFK farming isn't allowed and that we do manual checks from time to time - especially when someone is reported. Finally, you were un-jailed because you were able to prove that you weren't AFK.


As for the screenshot of the server rules you included in your post, if you go to the actual post, you can also find this portion of the message: "The admin team reserves the right to modify these guidelines at any time, as well as take appropriate actions including account suspension and deletion to protect the integrity and spirit of the game, regardless of whether a specific behavior is listed here as prohibited." Which is what brought this rule in place. This was discussed internally by the admin team in the past and was deemed unfair to other players. As such, the practice was considered illegal.

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Posted (edited)

Hi Lili,

thank you for taking your time and clearing up this subject with me.

Yes I did see that at the bottom of the post that  "The admin team reserves the right to modify these guidelines at anytime" that's why I was

wanting to discuss it here since it didn't specify exactly on this topic . Something to possibly edit into the server rules moving forward would

help some new players. I really thought I was being innovative to my farming I got excited and made 4 alchemist and got jailed XD.

I have one more question what is your leniency for response time? Just wondering so I could use this thread to my defense in the future.

1 minute-5 minute? should I return to town if I go to the washroom. Just want to make sure so I can prevent this from happening again.

Once again I appreciate this.


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Hi Samaheda,

We give players 10 seconds to respond during manual bot/macro farming checks as that should be more than enough time to respond if you're actively watching your characters. If you need to use the restroom, plan ahead and bring your toons to town then just go back to farming once you're back. Being in the restroom/washroom isn't a valid excuse to get around being jailed/banned from violating our ToS.

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