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  1. This update is to counter all macro bots on the server, majority of the players are happy with the update they did on Gold Room and Token. It might be unfair to other android users, but there are ways to adapt from this update, you just have to think smart. Good luck!
  2. Okehz


    Sorry to hear this. But I don't think the Staff can do anything about it. You can start over if you really want to play the game. 7th In-game rule of ZetaRO. Scamming, hacking, and any form mischievousness is not allowed. However, you are solely responsible for the security of your account and its belongings.
  3. Okehz

    Need help with Gpack

    Hello, I'm not one of the staff members but It was prompted upon claiming that they will not hand out anymore, once the box is open. They will also have a hard time investigating this since It's unlikely to crash on selection. Tho, I would recommend to come to their discord (discord.io/ZetaRO) for faster response with your problem. Good Luck!
  4. Both parties has their faults, The admin shouldn't have interfered whilst thana's up, or for better, the server's up. Since Ice Wall was allowed to be used in the map, they seized the moment. But it doesn't mean they are allowed to harass the admin, they should've kept cool about it, since they've killed thanatos. Nonetheless, the damage has been done, hope both parties learned a thing or two about this.
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