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  1. Hi! I downloaded the new installer and i am able to get past the anti-cheat But I seem to have forgotten my login details, and the "forgot password" option doesn't recognise my e-mail ID for some reason... The error message is "Failed to send reset password e-mail." The ZetaRO website where I have saved my credentials gives an error "The IP address you are behind is banned." I am wondering what's up...
  2. I'm playing after a few months, and I can't get past the anti-cheat software at the patcher - it keeps popping infinite errors one after the other, and I have to Task Manager-close the game Errors like CPetEvolutionMgr cannot open System/Achievement_list_EN.lug: No such file or directory CAchievementMgr file init System/PrivateAirplane_T_EN.lub: No such file or directory Any ideas? I'm in the process of re-downloading the setup and will try an uninstall, reinstall
  3. The most useful @command: @commands to kindly let me know the list of @commands Unless there is already one?
  4. Hi! Actually I'm new too, joined 2 weeks ago, can you be a bit more specific? Which quest items?
  5. Hiya! 2 Free Doppel cards give you max ASPD. Make another avatar, and use it. Make STR build till you can safely insta-cast. Use field manuals for getting more exp. Farm at in_sphinx4 anubis, or at ice_dun02 fat round guys. Get a mistress card for safety wall. Or else spend a bit on blue gems. Or else ask someone for a free Mistress Card. Or buy one. Try putting up a chatroom for a guild-pack. Granted you have to be 255 to obtain, so see if you can level up with any other type job first before wizard. The stalker guide for goldroom (search in forums gold room guide) is an
  6. Hi there!! I used to play Ragnarok private servers ~10 years ago, and was heavily active on the Forums as well I wanna play RO again to unwind I've read the tips and newbie guides The game is currently downloading Although I never paid for game items, I might donate ~$50, does anyone have tips for which donates to buy in that budget? I am a fun-loving guy and i LOVE jokes and banter - are there any threads in the Off-topic section? Are donation items tradeable?
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