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  1. why dont change the apk sir. pandRo is better. fast response, and also with good effect. if u interested contact poring dev at facebook.
  2. i got this on mobile version
  3. i hope GM can fix an issue troubleshoting.
  4. reza

    gunslinger trouble

    hi GM, im have a few question. why gunslinger icarus weapon just have 3 slot. but other great damaged character have 4 slot of em. its not funny if gunslinger should use dagger u know. its like discrimination for gunslinger job. also why sinx cant spam meteor asault. it has delayed after skill. diffrent from other server. that make it with no delay after MA skill. can u solve it? or make it larger damage even with delay after skill. thx GM. for your attention.
  5. Be a priest first. After lvl 99 job 50 u can be rebirth, there a path to make necro
  6. me too, im from indonesia. new player also.
  7. i just getting this, i cant entering lighthalzen bio lab, i also got this permit for entering with this character. is it a bug?
  8. reza

    cant login?

    i cant login now. is the server maintenance?
  9. im android user, im in the prt_fild when i go to get dinner, my char got jailed. i also try for answer the card name, but it's so hard to see, because the text box was closing the name of the card, i miss all answer. then i finished answer it, and still jailed. how can i go out?
  10. Every Andro user on other private server got same issue. Maybe the server of owner and-Ro doing some patch or start to maintaining the apps.
  11. me too, getting force close when i can move my character, just 30 sec to play then force closing,
  12. when entering the world it no take time to long to force closed, dunno why, i play it in morning doesnt have any trouble, but now it always forcing close. please fix it GM im android user too
  13. there is a bug when i try to mall map, it say can't load map mall, how to fix it? i new player here, so i need GM help
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