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  1. me too, im from indonesia. new player also.
  2. i just getting this, i cant entering lighthalzen bio lab, i also got this permit for entering with this character. is it a bug?
  3. reza

    cant login?

    i cant login now. is the server maintenance?
  4. im android user, im in the prt_fild when i go to get dinner, my char got jailed. i also try for answer the card name, but it's so hard to see, because the text box was closing the name of the card, i miss all answer. then i finished answer it, and still jailed. how can i go out?
  5. Every Andro user on other private server got same issue. Maybe the server of owner and-Ro doing some patch or start to maintaining the apps.
  6. me too, getting force close when i can move my character, just 30 sec to play then force closing,
  7. when entering the world it no take time to long to force closed, dunno why, i play it in morning doesnt have any trouble, but now it always forcing close. please fix it GM im android user too
  8. there is a bug when i try to mall map, it say can't load map mall, how to fix it? i new player here, so i need GM help
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