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  1. Description means nothing, script is everything. +8 Skewer giving +56 bonus attack is = 56/8 or 7 which is the refinement bonus for lvl 4 weapons +9 I. Dagger giving +45 bonus attack is = 45/9 or 5 which is the refinement bonus for lvl 3 weapons Refer to https://irowiki.org/wiki/Refinement_System
  2. Icarus Dagger = lvl 3 Skewer = lvl 4
  3. There is no "best" server. Performance differs on your location & ISP. E.G, my NCR Converge's best server is Tokyo Linode 3, while my guildie's PLDT is Tokyo Aliyun or something like that.
  4. I honestly don't know what you're crying about, I main WL and its pretty powerful as it is especially with the new gears. Was still able to kill around 100+ on the last recent WoE without that much difficulties. Maybe you're just playing around with people/a guild that can't maximize your gear?
  5. IMHO, if I were ever part of the staff you'll look like a troll. Both your discord username and IGN are derogatory terms. The way you answer as well is unprofessional and really looks like trolling. Even your freshly made forum account looks like it was made just to troll. Friendly advice, fix your names and the way you answer.
  6. 5. Depends if you'll use it or sell it to pool credits and buy other stuff. I suggest you bump it up to 60$ and buy a colored headgear set and use/sell it 7. Yes
  7. There are hard counters for a reason. Likewise with Sura, even with all the equipment in the world, a Sura won't be able to kill a High Flee character with Devi GR Cranial. Lets look forward to changes then, hard to tell what Sandbox is planning but as long as he doesn't make some crazy tuning such as making it elemental we should be good.
  8. Top 1 reason why you never use holy element at all in group pvp is ^
  9. You might be looking at Warlock's capabilities as a single player not in a capable team/party. Warlock's strength is the large AoE spam capabilities on multiple elements (SG, LoV, MS & EQ) as well as a 20-hit ultra spammable single target magical dmg in the form of SSoD. You don't gauge classes as a single unit, you must also think of the maximum potential of the class with all the applicable buffs and team composition as well as multiple players of it on the playing field. If you think Warlocks are weak then you might've been playing them wrong and/or forcing yours
  10. Comprehensive Mudfish VPN Guide Disclaimer : This is a PAID VPN that requires optimal effort for the best results Wondering how you can make your ping lower? Basic VPNs aren't working for you or just makes your ping higher? Well, the answer is here. Introducing Mudfish, probably the cheapest Gaming VPN solution with full network customization. How cheap? Minimum payment is only $3 for a pay-per-traffic plan that can averagely last you a couple of months depending on usage if you use it solely on Ragnarok. Where to download : You can download Mudfish VPN at this link
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