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  1. Warp

    RMT Involvement!

    I would like to justify and request for reconsideration about my case regarding RMT. Before i start i just want to have a quick recap about what happened to my last case, if naalala nyo i posted about hacking, hinack ako ng friend ko together with my irl money which is nabalik naman yung items with the help of the GM/Staffs pero hindi yung pera na hiniram saken. Long Story Short, nag post ako using my GF's account selling my BLACKSET dahil i needed money para sa hospital bills since yung money ko nga na pinahiram di na binalik saken, like i said I POSTED my BLACKSET para iRMT to help me with t
  2. Warp


    My so called friend hack/scam me, he took all of my items in my account, we know each others account. We had an arguement about our daily routine of farming he didnt do his job and got mad that i said we will split the items and start going solo, he took all of my items in my account then changed his password even his discord name so that i cant trace him, he even owe me irl cash cause he said its an emergency. IGN : Hacksaw / H a c k s a w / C h i c h a r o n / Highblood / TAGA ASPAK DONUT etc etc
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