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  1. 2 weeks? Then you probably already have these = Mizukage hat and arctic wing. Next step would be to acquire 100credits (more or less 1b zeny) to have a lifetime pass in the monster arena. (to get hollow mask)
  2. I also advise to look at the materials needed for the quest items that you want to make. You can gather the required number of materials while leveling your character.
  3. Hollow Mask and Kakashi are from Monster Arena which is a separate room( NPC name is "Arena Keeper" just below the gold room NPC) . Doon pwede ang skill and most people ang gamit is Warlock tapos Storm Gust.
  4. This is interesting. However, How would you keep track of the actual leads that a player have made? May unique referral link dapat kami na pwede gamitin upon registration plus additional verification para ma verify na legit players yung nag register.
  5. I don't get how a 10-second disruption to what you're doing can be so "really annoying". Your effort of posting it here in the forum took much longer time. Pretty sure you typed "ferus" in less than 2-seconds.

    Fatal error

    Post the crash log.
  7. Make a Priest and level it up to 99/50 then job changer.
  8. Feed us more information about your concern. What's the error message that you see? Have you tried resetting your password?
  9. Please tell me, I am not the only one who thinks that ALL TCG headgears are lame. (Sorry Sandbox, labyu) The prices are ridiculous as well considering it is pretty hard to have TCG card. 80 TCG per headgear? Suggestions: I see some cool headgears from the Trainees and staff. Please remove everything in the TCG headgear shop and add those instead. Price: IMHO, price should only be 10-20 TCG. Please let me know if this makes sense or if I am just being self-righteous.
  10. Asahan nanaman namin yan. Tulad nung 1000 TCG

    Unreg ID

    Forum and game accounts are separate. You may create your game account here -> https://zeta-ro.net/?module=account&action=create
  12. Welcome back. Don't worry, the Zeta community is here to answer all questions that you may have. Ako din nanibago dahil it was almost a decade since I played Ragnarok pero madali naman matutunan in and outs dito sa Zeta lalo na nandiyan mga masisipag na streamers. Enjoy.
  13. Same with Sorc. The after skill delay is too much aside from the fact that every single player has a GTB card Warlock and Sorc skills should be reconsidered.
  14. You're not whining about the equip. You're whining about the the Ranger+the equip. Surprise, surprise, you could also do that! You clearly don't get my point here. You want to change the mechanics of the event (which would require admins to edit the script) instead of just using a job that can use a bow to have this "advantage" as well.
  15. I'll be the one to burst your bubble. It's part of the game. Saw that it was an advantage? Guess what, No one's stopping you from using a Ranger at the poring event.
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