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  1. Try it. The life-time pass in Monster Arena is for the whole account itself, so you won't be paying another 100c
  2. In-Game Name : Rhetoric Screenshot of your character :
  3. Hi, Some card effects were modified for balancing. Here's the list: Original thread can be found here. -- You can use Box of Sunlight to see hidden enemies. Being able to attack while hidden is a skill for Shadow Chasers. [description]
  4. Depends on your farming appetite. But for basic equips, the server provides Gold Valkyrie set + 3 headgears (upper, mid, low) once your reach 255. That would be your starting equips to farm your "endgame" equips. How long, would depend on which char you will choose to be your main. (e.g. Stalker equips for farming is pretty easy and can be completed in a couple of days. However, equips for Wizard might take you weeks or months) Very. We have 3 guild activities here: WoE GvG - Guild vs Guild, no Emperium, just pure pvp. KoE - King of Emperium (if you have n
  5. Android server is still under maintenance.
  6. PC Server is up. Are you referring to AndRO? If so, here's the admin's update:
  7. Still under maintenance. Change of hosting ang ginagawa so it might take a while.
  8. The moon. Yes, there is. Open your zetaRO folder and find opensetup.exe Check "Play in Fullscreen" box under Options Hit "Apply" and "Okay" (ignore any error that might prompt) You can purchase it at the tool dealer located at the mall area (type @quest or @go mall) Press ALT+Q and you can see the "OFF" button. Click it to release your falcon. -- GMs/Staffs might answer your queries faster if you will post it in the official facebook group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/394501091618432 -- Hope that helps.
  9. Hi, That was not an error. That's the intended behavior whenever you use that npc, ma-log out ka talaga.
  10. Experienced this. And you can indeed confirm that they are bots because they get stuck in Prontera as opposed to actual players who quickly goes back to continue their hunt. You have a LOT of staff. It would be nice if someone would take charge of roaming around the gold room to catch botters.


    I believe that this issue is server-sided and not on the ISP. I'm not subscribed to PLDT and I still experience being disconnected to the game from time to time. Even at off peak times.
  12. 2 weeks? Then you probably already have these = Mizukage hat and arctic wing. Next step would be to acquire 100credits (more or less 1b zeny) to have a lifetime pass in the monster arena. (to get hollow mask)
  13. I also advise to look at the materials needed for the quest items that you want to make. You can gather the required number of materials while leveling your character.
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