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  1. As topic says buying Gloom card for credit or Donation tokens name your price.
  2. Hi Lili, thank you for taking your time and clearing up this subject with me. Yes I did see that at the bottom of the post that "The admin team reserves the right to modify these guidelines at anytime" that's why I was wanting to discuss it here since it didn't specify exactly on this topic . Something to possibly edit into the server rules moving forward would help some new players. I really thought I was being innovative to my farming I got excited and made 4 alchemist and got jailed XD. I have one more question what is your leniency for response time? Just wonderin
  3. Before I start this discussion I do want to mention I am new to this server I just started playing a week ago. This is not meant to upset anyone as I just want to have a better understanding of where the rules stand for this. Today I was running 4 Alchemist farming items with my Homunculus and then I was jailed by admin Snow. This is not an attack or anything towards Snow as he was just abiding to the rules he believes is correct. He did mention he messaged me but I was on my other account leveling and missed it, and he was kind enough to let me out of jail which I apprecia
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