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  1. its a host change guys, so it should take a while, please bear with us. thank you
  2. hindi men, need hit, unlike nung unang zeta never miss haha
  3. RK for pvp, using RSB/ Rapid Spear Boomerang Up HG: Black VH/ Kage Hat/Red VH Mid HG: CYC/Hmask Low HG: Any Dragon wing/Demonwing Armors: VA with gr and tgk, switching Shield: GTB/Cranial Vshield, Switching Mant: Sgarb/VM Raydric Card, Giant Whisper/Aliot card, for the cards in mant, its at on your own risk if you want to use them for more damage output. Boots: Sleip/ Vshuz-GreenFerus or Firelock for more str Accessories: Nile Rose/Up Megs with mantis cards. Note: Lex Eterna is not effective with todays RK because it gives added delay for the next skill
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