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  1. bug fix or 2nd batch of new updates?
  2. good idea. . .but it's been made. Question is, will admin take his stand once they find out who the culprits are? As far as I can remember, this idea's already been implemented since the boom of RMT in private servers way back 2004. They only target small prawns but the BIG FISHES are still swimming freely. Just like IRL. I can actually see someone on cam. Pity. Your GMs can actually catch them easy. However. . .
  3. Im good now. thanks for the quick action GM/ADMINS. More Power! @Admin: please close the topic. Thank you!
  4. I was farming gold for almost 3 hours answering every bot checker. But why all of a sudden i was MUTE + JAIL for 3500 minutes?
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