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  1. will there be a corresponding points if you are 2nd in MVG and in longest def? or its 20points or nothing
  2. Warbadge to be tradable otherwise only powerful guilds can quest this since warbadge can only be obtained through koe like top killers/breaker, LD, MVG, owner.
  3. If team A lost the first week, can they join the following until they become finalist? finalist on the first week will wait until the last Saturday of the month ?
  4. Just to clarify Restriction: Fusion Sets. . . so we can use them individually as long as its not set, or any fusion part is not allowed
  5. i just cant imagine the faces of 6 players who wont be picked by the selector, or even more than that since its only 22 atm
  6. something to remember in the future, hope we have lots of time so we can let all players who registered join, so long its 1player per ip, or switch it to normal bracketing bo3 no losers bracket so it would be faster Look how excited we are =))
  7. Gx tourney concern Just to clarify since holgre blessing is technically in donation guru and is placed in costume section of equips, is it allowed? Or not. . . Thanks
  8. if possible for knocked-back to be disabled during kotr, gvg, and sura tournament
  9. If all could play since this is the first time, and if its taking longer than it should then maybe 10players next tourney, sinx match only lasts a minute or 2. or round robin for the 10finalist
  10. suggestion to restriction: decrease agi quagmire NHP(tarot gaming) Shield[1] sword/mail breaker
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