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  1. im playing from USA, we're most likely gonna have the same ping when you play (type !ping ingame to check your ingame ping). i have 120 ping ingame, this could be improved with vpn (idk how), though 120 ping is perfectly playable, this server is INSANE! i love it.
  2. probably the easiest job you can use for MVP farming is necromancer. i suggest watching Cethiel's stream https://www.facebook.com/CethielTV/ his live streams and VODs are very informative when it comes to mvp farming. champion/sura are also good when it comes to killing MVPs all you gotta do on this job is stack up STR and INT and you'll be alright. try to hit at least 4,500 SP(SP cap for asura's strike) to maximize your asura's strike damage heres another job which is really good at soloing MVPs . said jobs have their own pros and cons when it comes to MVP farming so choose
  3. the best answer here is Byorgue card's card description and item script doesnt match, the real effect of Byorgue card is Physical damage +10% and Magical damage +10% these effect applies to your DAMAGE OUTPUT and not on your ATK and MATK http://db.irowiki.org/db/item-info/4426/
  4. this server offers "CUSTOM" 3rd job skills for every 3-1 and 3-2 jobs and it also offers 2 custom jobs (necromancer and hokage)
  5. storm gust is the best wizard skill for killing arena monsters so garm hat + hollow mask is the best option here.
  6. you get the +3% atk/matk on the DAMAGE OUTPUT not in the "ATK"/"MATK" stats. I guess they coulda update the hollow mask's description into "Physical damage +3%, Magical damage +3%.
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