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  1. Total of 130 vit will already give you immunity to stun and curse Very nice guide btw!
  2. That's my streaming page hehe. I hope you liked my guide! If you need help feel free to ask here or message me on my Discord Ceej#3676
  3. Really? that's good to hear!! ez 197aspd with just comfort of the stars and berserk potion hehe Ktullanux is the only mvp in BB i'm having a hard time with. Beelzebub is an easy kill for me as long as I'm at Miracle state
  4. You need Demon skill to get that 197aspd with the No agi build. Miracle is really random. Sometimes it takes effect immediately sometimes it takes almost forever When going for bloody branch it would be great if you get that "Miracle" as soon as possible. Just like I said if your miracle is in effect it's like Hatred is in effect with all monsters. Well even if I deal only 5k-10k damage with no miracle It's still pretty fast kill with the use of warmth of the stars or counter kicks.
  5. On my next stream I'll do a guide for New starglad users. Including just using Gpack items
  6. I forgot to place the skill called "Fighting Chant" that gives 2% Damage per party member in the same map. As you can see in my stream We have a Full Party that that might be the factor that made my damage reach 180k. Also we have Agi Bless and WS Buffs. + Gloom Card
  7. You may also get Sage's Diary with Old Blue Box and Old Purple Box
  8. EQUIPMENTS: Upper HeadGear: Hokage Hat (Vanberk) Midgear: Hollow Mask / Cyc / Danzo / Tobi Mask (Vanberk) Lower HG: Demon wing / Devil Wing Armor: Slotted Armor (RSX card to remove the annoying knockback or Gloom for FBH/Thana) Weapon: Icarus Book[4] (3abysmal+1Turtle General=For all) (3abys + 1 Strouf = THANA/FBH) (3abys + 1 Hydra = LHZ) Shield: Slotted Shield (GTB/Alice/Thara Frog) Garment: Any slotted (Giant Whisper card / Deviling) Shoes: Any slotted (Moonlight flower / Firelock soldier) Accessory: Megs / Nile rose (Mantis card) STAT
  9. No 18

    GX Breaker

    Sinong GM nagsabi neto? Sobrang misleading neto. Abysmal Knight Cards work on Emperiums. That is a Fact.
  10. 1) Current IGN: No 18 2) Killing MVPs since 2016 with Sixth Sense guild! 3) https://www.facebook.com/ceejay.egea/posts/4129237333756102
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