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  1. I will leave this potato here as this is a long post. Make sure to do read our Server's Guide before proceeding with this guide. here's the Link We have lots of Option on how to start in our beloved Server. Gold Room Khukri MVP Arena Token Quest @Quest (Wings/Headgear) YGG Berry/Evil Horns Monster Arena Bloody Branch Dead Branch Streamer Farming (Optional) I. Gold Room: Gold Room could easily grant you Raw Zenny by killing Golden Dokebis, 1 gold sells for 124,000z if overprized using Mer
  2. Just change the cards into PVP cards, Like GR in the Armor, Deviling/Raydric on the Garment. and Hydra 2x Turtle General 2x on weapon. then you are good to go
  3. ohh, sorry, We can update this back to Vanberk Card, sorry for overlooking this. appreciate it
  4. MVP Sura Build (The Neo-cP Way) Cheap Build Item Build: Fire Head Protector [ Vanber Card ] Dark Blinker [ Vanberk Card] Odin's Blessing [ Sealed Tao Gunka Card ] Demon Wings Stone Buckler [ Sealed GTB Card] Wool Scarf [ Raydric(Survivability)/Giant Whisper Card(Damage) Tidal Shoes [ Sohee Card] Ring [Mantis] Ring [Mantis] +10 Mace/Waghnak [4x Abyssmal Knight Card] Stat Build. STR = Maximum amount that is Divisible by 10 (e.g 250+60) Dex = Total of 150 including bonus stats from Equipments and Job level Int = Just reach 4500 sp pool Vit = Total of 150 in
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