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  1. Yes, and Thanatos card does not work.
  2. thana + sinx + bragi GG na agad haha
  3. Di pala nevermiss ang RSB lods?
  4. I was a helper in the old ZetaRO. My helper name before was Arbiter. I'd like to apply to become a helper for ZetaRO once more. I don't even know how long I have been playing Ragnarok. It was way back on my high school days, and I'm already a full grown adult. Lol.
  5. Double Attack Type: Equip: Upper: Hokage Hat / Evil Majestic Goat (splash) / Gold VHelm (100% anti freeze Gold Vset) Middle: Hollow Mask Lower: Demon Wings / Icarus Wings (switching for defensive purposes) Armor: Gold Valkyrie Armor / Valkyrie Armor Weapon L: +10 Icarus Sword / +10 Skewer Weapon R: +10 Skewer / +10 Icepick Shield (Switching): Golden VShield / VShield Garment: Gold Valkyrie Manteau / Valkyrie Manteau / Diablo Manteau / Wool Scarf / Skin of Ventus Shoes: Gold Valkyrie Shoes / Valkyrie Shoes / Diablo Boots / +9 Tidal Shoes Accessories: 2 Megingjard Cards:Headgear: Evil Snake
  6. I lost all of the data from the previous ZetaRO (I have some from OsRO though--lol). This is the only picture left. Character: Envy. (yes it has a dot in the end) Job: Gunslinger Current IGN: Variable Talisman Facebook link (from zeta group): https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=942115475906690&set=g.417133835137092
  7. Dye Making Guide REFERENCE: https://ratemyserver.net/quest_db.php?type=40000&qid=40006
  8. Mixture and Counteragent Quest Alcohol - @ii 970 Detrimindexta - @ii 971 Karvodailnirol - @ii 972 REFERENCE: https://ratemyserver.net/quest_db.php?type=40000&qid=40002
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