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  1. Hi, guys! Make sure you have downloaded the latest game client! Just follow the installation guide here:
  2. Hi, Alucard! Currently the settings of gaining loot from dokebi has been set to - whoever gets the last shot, gets the gold. Adding heal to dokebi could start a new wave of complaints. If you do encounter an AFK farmer in the gold room, we encourage you to report it via @request command in game. If no one responds just try to talk to the person, screenshot them and report here in forums so we can note down these suspicious people and punish them accordingly.
  3. Hi, Jami! On the current screenshot you’ve provided the resolution settings are overlapping your taskbar, so that would mean that your resolution is wrong. Did you try all the resolution options and they all were like this?
  4. Nini

    Server closed

    @Tenpor, @Neau Did your issue resolve once you downloaded the new installer?
  5. We will watch over the guides and questions more carefully so there would be more answers in English. Thank you for your suggestion!
  6. Most of the players are based in Asia and its a big reason why this game is still alive and active. We can’t really force anyone to speak/chat in one language, especially if the person doesn’t feel comfortable doing it. But the staff team is required to know English so you can always discuss anything with us.
  7. Hi, Neau! I’m very sorry that you’ve had bad communication experience. Usually active players are busy farming/questing and if they are sitting in town they’re probably AFK or doing something else. If you need any help the staff team will answer you, just use command @request then type your question. People have been recruited to specifically answer any questions that players have. The command is there for a reason. And if the staff team is busy at that moment you can join our discord community and leave your message there - https://discord.gg/rXHnN7h6
  8. Final list of Screenshot Event approved and disqualified entries! Thank you for participating and sharing your old ZetaRO screenshots & congratulations! P.S. Since this is our first forum event & requires old screeenshots I've been lenient and approved some 'picture' screenshots, keep in mind that this won't be valid in future events. Approved: @JayHay, @nobody69, @No 18, @SioPau, @tony99, @Intel, @Exhausted, @enteng, @silentreader, @Aspect, @yoso, @Dondon27, @Handsome, @FRICKA, @Winter, @B o L e n G, @mihj, @carlupet, @Sayonara, @Buco, @sniper123, @tubero
  9. If your post has received a in forum and in facebook, congratulations! Approved: @Winter, @mihj, @Aspect, @ConconPogi, @Heiszxc, @Bubbly, @Chief Cads, @ic0n, @krisskrauss, @oridecon, @Francis023, @enteng Needs post adjustments: @Taguro, @Iple0716, @Eubien
  10. Can you please specify if Envy is your current IGN or previous? And if it really has a dot at the end or not Also add link from facebook!
  11. If your post has received a in forum and in facebook, congratulations! Approved: @JayHay, @nobody69, @No 18, @SioPau, @tony99, @Intel, @Exhausted, @silentreader, @yoso, @Dondon27, @Handsome, @FRICKA, @B o L e n G, @carlupet, @Sayonara, @Buco, @tubero, @EkdseePH, @Fiq, @Devil, @Cloud, @sniper123, @Vinooong Needs post adjustments: @payesomodio, @enteng, @Aspect, @MadeupName, @Winter, @mihj, @Taguro, @Iple0716
  12. Sir, please don't forget the caption on your facebook post "Come play with us @ https://zeta-ro.net"
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