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  1. If your post has received a in forum and in facebook, congratulations! Approved: @JayHay, @nobody69, @No 18, @SioPau, @tony99, @Intel, @Exhausted, @silentreader, @yoso, @Dondon27, @Handsome, @FRICKA, @B o L e n G, @carlupet, @Sayonara, @Buco, @tubero, @EkdseePH, @Fiq, @Devil, @Cloud, @sniper123, @Vinooong Needs post adjustments: @payesomodio, @enteng, @Aspect, @MadeupName, @Winter, @mihj, @Taguro, @Iple0716
  2. Sir, please don't forget the caption on your facebook post "Come play with us @ https://zeta-ro.net"
  3. Double check the link you've posted sir!
  4. Can you please post a full screenshot with your character name seen and the date not blurred?
  5. Hey, double check the link. It seems to not be working for me
  6. Hi, the links aren't working! Also from what I see it leads to Pie's facebook, so she probably doesn't have the added caption "Come play with us @ https://zeta-ro.net"
  7. Hi! I would allow you to join if your screen has prove of it being ZetaRO that you played. For example, if we can see that the client is open and the name there on top is Zeta + also if I can see the date on your desktop. Otherwise it would be hard to prove that the screenshot is not fake.
  8. Make sure your posts are "public" in facebook & with added caption "Come play with us @ https://zeta-ro.net" po
  9. Hey, Enteng! Please add the link of your screenshot that you posted in fb
  10. Is this not the first time you’ve played Zeta Ragnarok Online? - Then this event is perfect for you! To thank all those players who have been with us for many years we’ve decided to host a Screenshot Event for our old players! The main objective of this is to find old friends, guild mates or even enemies that you once spent so much time with! Note: Those who have joined Zeta project first time, don't get too upset - we will have a future event for you as well! The rules of this event: Post a screenshot(s) on your Facebook timeline publicly with added caption "Come
  11. Character suggestion added now!
  12. Read this guide for full information about Monster Arena – NPC location, Arena Fee & Monster information. Enter Monster Arena and earn points by killing monsters that are inside. Then trade the points for items in the Arena Point Shop. Arena Keeper : Located at @warp prontera 164 164 Choose between two types of Monster Arena Gate passes (Note: The pass is valid for your whole account) - One-time pass = 1 Credit Life-time pass = 100 Credits Arena Guardian
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