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  1. Yeah I get your point. But next time if you're gonna change something like disable ice wall and stuff make sure that the server is on maintenance so their will be no issues.
  2. May I also suggest that instead of the whole guild. You should ban the one's who tried to damage ZetaRO's reputation.
  3. Bro as an Admin of the Server you should maintain your poise banning them will result that you're truly guilty with those kind of actions ( recalling a friend ). Also as a Admin you should know the consequences of your actions. One wrong mistake will be a lot of trouble just like what you did. It's your fault that the Ice Wall is usable on Dungeons and you should disable it while on Server Maintenance not on LIVE. Piece of advice. And also if you're not using your @recall command for your friend's sake. Provide some proofs like a screenshot from database on every command of you and other GM's
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