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  1. Added @novipexp command - Toggles display of VIP bonus exp. Added @novipexp in @dnd command. Added Guild of the Month Prize Pool NPC (Located below the berry Berry Room) @nolink and @nobuff now cover VIP buffs from Healer Changed color of Megaphone broadcast to yellow-brown Box Trader Updates: Increased fee to 50,000 per box Added the following items Speed Potion Box 1 Box contains 10 Speed Potion 100 Box of Thunder can be converted to 10 Speed Potion Boxes
  2. The limit was placed to prevent over inflation of credits.
  3. Sandbox

    Account Recovery

    Send me a message of your username, email, and character names for verification purposes.
  4. We'll be having a server maintenance on September 19, 2021 starting 4:00 PM (GMT+8), which will last for a minimum of 2 hours. Rest assured that we'll keep everyone updated and will post changelogs as usual in the Patch Notes forums. Thank you for your usual cooperation and support!
  5. Added new custom caps Chen Cap Enteng Cap Fhreya Cap Kullapoo Cap 3stan Cap Kris Cap Pre-patched Kids of Emperium files Bug fixes: Fixed Green Ale's actual weight & usage delay Fixed a bug where Fusion Set quest accepts rental Valkyrie items. Fixed King of Emperium's Most Variable Breaker computation. Fixed a bug where (Fusion) Valkyrie Manteau and Daedalus Book is giving resistance bonus to players instead of damage. Fixed a bug where players
  6. Rules & Mechanics: The Event will be held on September 15, 2021 - 8PM onwards Only Kage class is allowed to join. Simply comment your In-Game Name on this thread. Multiple registrations from the same player/device is not allowed All registrants will be included as long as the number of participants is divisible by 16. The excess players will be excluded from the tournament. Registration will be based on the date that you registered. Your goal is to kill the enemy without stepping outside the match area(Blue Circle), because stepping outside the green tiles t
  7. We will have a new PUBG tournament every week during the month of August. You may learn about how PUBG works here: Below are the tournament rules and mechanics: Part 1 - Preliminary Rounds Each team should have a party of 4. Event schedule will be as followed: September 8, 8PM onwards: 1st Round September 13, 8PM onwards: 2nd Round September 20, 8PM onwards: 3rd Round September 27, 8PM onwards: 4th Round There will only be 1 round per week. The winning squad will automatically move on to the finals.
  8. Sandbox

    Pahelp po boss sb

    Do you have other characters in the guild? Can you also provide the guild name? and your character name?
  9. Implemented VIP System (@gonpc 45) - When you are subscribed to the VIP system, you will gain the following benefits: 50% increase in Base & Job experience gain VIP-exclusive Shops & NPCs Auto-buffs from Healer NPC Auto-broadcast feature Private DB Room Shop Updates: TCG Shop - Added Fallen Bishop Hibram card KoE Shop - Added 4 headgears WoE Shop - Added 4 headgears Zeta Points Shop - Added 6 headgears Zeta Points Supplies - Added 7 food buffs D
  10. We'll be having a server maintenance on September 6, 2021 starting 9:00 AM (GMT+8), which will last for a minimum of 4 hours. Rest assured that we'll keep everyone updated and will post changelogs as usual in the Patch Notes forums. Thank you for your usual cooperation and support!
  11. Type @gonpc 5 then talk to the card remover NPC
  12. Streamer Showdown - Fhreya (https://fb.gg/FhreyaGaming) will go head to head with Mr. Kullapoo (https://fb.gg/Mr.Kullapoo) and compete in the following categories: Endless Tower speedrun (5-player party) PUBG 5 vs. 5 - Best of 5 7 vs. 7 GvG - Best of 5 Each team can earn a point from any category that they will win, and the team that has collected the most points by the end of the event period will be given the opportunity to choose which x2 Event will be held. Mechanics: The event will be held on September 11, 2:00 PM onwards (GMT+8) Endless Tower
  13. Part 1 - War of Emperium & King of Emperium Points System: War Of Emperium - First Edition: 4 points will be given to the Longest Defense titleholder. 3 points will be given to the castle holder at the end of the war. 2 points will be given to the Most Valuable Guild at the end of the war. 1 points will be given to the guild of the Most Valuable Breaker. War of Emperium - Second Edition: 7 points will be given to the Longest Defense titleholder. 6 points will be given to the castle holder at the en
  14. September 1~10: Donation Promo - 20% Bonus points for every donation made. A bonus Gacha Box & Weapon Refine Deed Box will be given for every 100 worth of points donated. (ex: Donate $200, get 240 Donation & Zeta Points + 2 Gacha Box + 2 Weapon Refine Deed Box) September 6, 8PM onwards: 7th Month Celebration events! September 7: Start of the Guild of the Month points system September 11, 1PM onwards: Streamer Showdown - Fhreya Gaming vs Mr. Kullapoo September 12~14: Start of the x2 Event from the Streamer Showdown winner September 13, 8PM onwards: Kage Cl
  15. Sandbox

    Where is skills?

    We only have custom 3rd job skills. You may refer to them here:
  16. Sandbox

    Please Help

    did you patch your client first? you should run Zeta RO patcher before running the game.
  17. Sandbox

    Please Help

    Make sure you are using our latest installer. You can get it from here: https://zeta-ro.net/download
  18. First things first, I would like to apologize for what happened recently in our server. This wouldn’t happen if I would have been more active and on top of everything. To align everyone who aren’t aware, a certain guild - specifically Twisted Metal have been involved in having items that were only possible to be obtained via GM commands. The commands were traced to be generated from GM Mino's account, one of the 4 people(Me, Lili, BestMatch, and Mino) in our server that have permissions to administrator commands. Mino and BestMatch are our founding developers and therefo
  19. make sure you are fully patched before you run the game.
  20. Just simply type @skillall
  21. Applied a temporary fix to the following: Fix for the Jejeling Eggs from the 6th Month Celebration work. Unused GvG points will now be converted into Faction Points Above fixes will only work until the next maintenance and will automatically be applied upon relogging. Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug where food buffs from the Surprise Supplies NPC stacks with the normal food buffs. Fixed a bug where Fallen Bishop Hibram Card is not being announced when dropped. One-Time Donation Promo(applicable to newbies only!): Your first d
  22. it's dropped by Garm at 10% rate
  23. make sure you are fully patched
  24. Can you provide your details? Which maps and what's your job? Also, can you provide your in-game name?
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