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  1. https://zeta-ro.net/fin.html
  2. Reduced Guild Capacity to 13. You can still invite 18 players but a only a maximum of 13 players can enter GvG Maps(WoE, KoE, etc.) Box of Sunlight can now be used in GvG maps Removed Guild requirement when claiming a Guild Package. Added +1 Stat on Daedalus Costume Weapons. Added indicator on MvP Arena regarding the number of mobs needed to summon an Evo MVP. Added inventory check on Credit Exchanger to prevent accidental item/zeny loss. Fixed a bug where Blessing Accessories can be worn on No-Donates maps. Buffed Evo MVP cards:
  3. Ranger Tournament Mechanics: The event will be held on May 21, 2022, 8:00PM onwards(GMT+8) Single Elimination Bracket: Bracket will be shuffled before the event starts. Each round will be a best of 3 match-up. There will be a 2-minute time limit per round. If the limit has been reached, the round will reset and both players will be buffed with Lv3 Enchant Deadly Poison. If a player decides to avoid the fight for 30 seconds, he/she will automatically lose the round. Maximum of 5 minutes preparation time per
  4. Hi everyone! If you have friends that are interested to play our server, you can now encourage them by taking advantage of our Refer-A-Friend Program! Simply follow the mechanics below and both of you will be rewarded! Mechanics: Your friend must be new and haven't been referred before. This will be verified via device and IP checks Your friend must be actively playing Zeta RO for at least 3 days and not more than 21 days. This will be verified by the dates of the accounts associated to your friend. Your friend, the referral wil
  5. Hi everyone, We will have a server maintenance on May 21, 2022 starting at 9:00AM. It is expected to last for a minimum of 6 hours. Rest assured that we will let everyone know once the server is up and running. Thank you for your cooperation!
  6. Endless Tower Speedrun Event Mechanics: Event will be held on May 17, 8PM onwards. Party should contain a maximum of 5 members. No class limitations. Ashes of darkness cannot be used during this event. Party that kills Entweihen Crothen the fastest shall win. Post a comment on this thread of your party name to join this event. Note: Party Name must not have any space. Rewards: 1st Place 5 Evo Weapon of Choice 15 DT & 15 Zeta Points 300 Unripe Berry Box 250
  7. Sandbox

    cant reg why?

    What's the error message that you received? Make sure you are following the correct password format.
  8. Added 6 new items in the Donation Costume Shop Cursed Swords (Red / Yellow / Blue) Entweihen Apparition Evo Crescent Scythe Hiramekarei Added 11 new items in the Donation Rares Shop Kagenui Auras (Demon / Venom / Azure / Bronze / Gold) Samehada Glare Weapons (Lower Costume) Katzbalger Ginnungagap Executioner Excalibur Totem Added 4 new items in the Aura Box Golden Sage Aura
  9. Enabled Battlegrounds in our event rotation. Schedule: Sunday: 08:00 PM ~ 09:00 PM Tuesday: 10:00 PM ~ 11:00 PM Friday: 08:00 PM ~ 09:00 PM Switched War of Emperium Castles(Same date & time): Wednesday - Repherion (Geffen) Friday - Bright Arbor (Payon) Sunday - Skoegul (Prontera) Reverted PK rotation on Rare MVP maps (Randomly turns PK ON/OFF every hour) Added Evo Kiel MVP with Card Reduces after-cast delay by 30%. [Headgear]
  10. Sandbox

    Forgot username

    Send me a message here or on Discord with your last remembered username, and your character names.
  11. Increased duration of free Gold Valkyrie Set from the Newbie NPC(Persephone) to 30 days Guild Package NPC now gives 30 days rental Valkyrie Set (Including Helm & Nile Rose!) Guild Bundle rewards are now permanently account bound instead of rental. For more details, visit the link below:
  12. New Donation Promo (May 1~15): Get 20% more points on every donation! For every $100 that your donation has accumulated, you will get a +10 EVO Icarus Weapon of choice! (Evo Weapon will be given after the May 6 update.) Added the following items in the Rare Donation Shop: Philippine Election 2022 Caps: BBM Cap Isko Cap Leni Cap Leody Cap Pacquiao Cap Ping Cap Each Cap gives +1 All Stats Caps are available gives additional +2
  13. Increased stat bonus of Colored Valkyrie Armor & Shoes per refine. (Now gives +1 stat every refine instead of every 2 refines) Increased stat bonus of Balk Helms (Now gives +2 stat every refine instead of 1) Doubled weight of rental buffs to prevent accidental item loss The weight of the box contents are still the same. Example: 30 Days Immortal Berry (Box) - 2000 Weight Immortal Yggdrasil Berry (Potion)- 1000 Weight Fixed some custom headgear orders
  14. Mechanics: Event will be held on April 26, 2022 8PM onwards. To register, simply post a reply of your Guild & Party name on this thread. Participants can only have 7 members of your Guild that will join the event. Joining different teams or dual login is not allowed. Participants should be in the same party. And the party should not have any spaces included the name. The match up will be in a round robin format. There will be 3 rounds for every match up. Each successful guild wipe will earn you a point. A maximum of 5-minute time limi
  15. Hi everyone, We are currently looking for the people to join our staff team: Event Game Master: Conduct in-game events at least twice a week Host monthly events/tournaments at least twice a month Contribute ideas that will make our server more fun and lively to our players Willing to get compensated with Donation & Zeta Points. Amount will vary depending on the frequency of your events, level of effort, and the ideas that you've brought to the table. Guide Author: Must be knowledgeable with Zeta RO's custom features Must be fluent in
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