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  1. PK On in Gold Room is a Great Idea and then Removed the Antonio Card in the server. BUT Just make another newbie tips that will teach noobs that not only the gold room can make zenny.
  2. I think in some point, Gold weight can give botter a little problem only a little but its good.
  3. My suggestion is to make all the monster in gold room instantly heal itself to 100% when the attacker is not detected by the monster for 0.5 seconds. And you want to reduce or remove the botters in gold room, make a special bot checker for gold room only with every 5min or 10min, but to make less annoying to real gold room miners make it easy to solve but don't make it too easy that even a bot program or macro can solve it. RO Devs can't solve the bot issues in all servers, only remedies. It's up to Gameguard Devs how they make botters give a hard time to exploit their product.
  4. Ang Bot at RMT Matagal ng issue yan sa lahat ng server sa RO as in lahat ng server meron from 2005 - 2021. Wag ka masyong emosyonal bata hahaha masyado mong tinatakot server eh lahat naman ng devs gumagawa ng paraan ma improve lahat. Hindi Iyak ang kelangan nila kundi maganda suggestions. Wala kang naitulong sa iyak mo hahaha para kang conspiracy fanboy na umiiyak
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