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  1. oo nga po san nakkuha or hunt ang tcg card?
  2. Jake


    whats the use of poring coins? earned from clone npc
  3. thank you I am wondering how can i get sputum of bird
  4. 10-11k dmg Snipers in Gold Room pahelp naman pano gawin to
  5. pahelp po maganda EQ and Build pang pvp po kasi ang hina ng bawas ko lalo na sa Warlock salamat po alam ko di madali ishare sa inyo ung build na meron kau pero sna help me po slamat
  6. hello po is there any way i can see hidden people? or card could get to see them?? also is theres a way for me to cloak as well to fight enemies? coz what i saw in mayaP card here is giving mdef, for sinxcard i did not see yet coz nobody sells it .. any help please? thanks
  7. newbie po, phelp ng build and eq po sa pang pvp Warlock,Shadow Chaser, Guilotin Cross, Sura Slamat
  8. thank you po ng raised nmn ng 800 dmg, from 2300 to 3100 , meron kapapo bang alam na way pra mging 6k-8k .. ung iba kasi sa gold room 6k-8k
  9. hello po, im a newbie and glad to come back to ro una po nakkita ko mga players pinoy can i speak in tagalog here as well?? 2nd po, i like to know a guide po sa 6k - 8k na normal basic atk ng stalker sa Gold Room malaki po kasing help sakin if mabilis ko mapapatay mga Dokebi 3rd po any help po sa mga guide na magandang pang pvp sa mga hero po na ito Wizard,Sinx,Champion,Prof, Ninja. slamat po thank you
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