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  1. reveal ign pa ba? 1 vs 1? 7v7 bet? go 14 lang pag gusto badi
  2. di kailangan mag astang matalino at mag pormal ng kung ano man sa laro badi. wag bobo 1 rsb lang kita panigurado
  3. now my guy shy n cant accept fact
  4. not gonna cry but still cry have u seen rare MVPs(thana, fbh, VR, ifrit, gloom, LHZ) being slain by warlock all day? even before today's update. smh people nowadays
  5. thanks! idol talaga tong streamer na to!
  6. maintenance daw po andRO wait lang po tayo sa announce hehehe
  7. you can use mudfish bro
  8. omg so imba if never miss heheh
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