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  1. Mikalya

    Always disconnect.

    Still dcing really really hard even deleting server.dat and reinstalling.
  2. Hi, so I started in this server like 2 days ago and wanted to ask, some gear suggestions for progression for necromancer or something like that, since there is no guide for that class and since its custom class and I dont know yet all the custom set and stuff, I hope I can get some tips for that.
  3. Mikalya

    Always disconnect.

    I had this problem even before the change of hosts. And did the server.dat thing, let it patch but sadly, still disconnect after some time.
  4. Mikalya

    Always disconnect.

    So, this isnt just because the host change, it happened before that. I login, all normal, go into my characters and randomly after some time, sometimes longer and others juat about I get into the game I just got disconnected. Saw before some stuff may be happening, already opened the ports RO usually use. Give admin rights to the Zeta stuff, chec ragnaexe and ragnarok.exe if those download the same stuff over and over but nope. Made a new rule so it allow FTP, same stuff. So I was thinking on using a VPN and try that but gonna ask if there is another solution or better try that too.
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