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  1. The update is so trash... It always overweight i even reset my stats just to get more str but still its so hard to farm! You will lose more players because of this
  2. The Gold ore This is not good for mobile users, Well ita good for bot farmers But atleast make it KS on it will solve the problem on GR, now that you put the Gold ore it is hard for us mobile users to farm
  3. Oh my god! Event is coming but the zeta on andro is still not available
  4. I hope the Zeta on andro will bs up asap
  5. Please tell me How can we play on andro
  6. I cant connect to the server on mobile
  7. Same here, can't play anymore on mobile I hope they fix it asap
  8. When i can play on mobile please
  9. Why i still cant play on my mobile?
  10. Na hack yata ang server
  11. I've been waiting for more than 3hours now i was thinking it will not take long, but it takes longer than i thght
  12. How long does this maintenance will take? So i will know when i can play again
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