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  1. Many if not everyone knows those annoying players in Gold Room who just hit the Dokebis but not totally killing them, yet they still get the gold when other players kill it. I know you all are doing your best to resolve it but the bot checker and the force tele seems not enough to stop those players. Many says give the gold to the player who actually killed the mob but that may end up to kill stealing. So I suggest, give Dokebi heal skill. Healing themselves more than 50% if noone hit them for maybe 3 seconds. That will force everyone to actually kill the mobs and maybe stop those annoyin
  2. I just downloaded the game, followed the newbie sniper guide; then after levelling, tried to farm some gold from Grand Pecos then "Ragnarok has been crashed!" error occurred. Wow, just wow. After spending hours of levelling and downloading this happened
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