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  1. This guide will show you how to finish the Dragonball Z Storyline Quest in order to obtain Daedalus Weapons. You can only obtain a weapon corresponding to the class you are using to finish the quest and you can only make 1 per account. (NOTE: When doing the quest for RK and GX, the weapon you create will be random between the two.) (Type @ii2 :itemID: to check the weapon stat) Daedalus Sword - Rune Knight (Item ID: 3515) Daedalus Katar - Guillotine Cross (Item ID: 3516) Daedalus Staff - Warlock (Item ID: 3517) Daedalus Bow - Ranger (Item ID: 3518) Daedalus Claw -
  2. If you did not qualify for the monthly finals you can join anytime.
  3. All parts are not allowed. Will reword the restrictions.
  4. RULES & REGULATIONS: (Can be subject to change with or without prior notice.) WEEKLY 7v7 - THE EVENT WILL BE HELD EVERY SATURDAY AT 6:00PM ONWARDS (GMT+8). We will open a registration thread every Monday 12NN and ends Thursday 6:00PM (GMT+8) DOUBLE ELIMINATION FORMAT on Weekly. (Lose twice and your party is out. You will have a twice to beat advantage if you are the upper bracket finalist.) 1 Round per match in weekly tournaments. 3 rounds per match in the monthly finals. Your party can join anytime if you did not qualify for the monthly finals.
  5. This thread will serve as the registration for the 7v7 Weekly tournament. If you are interested to join, simply reply to this thread with the following info: Party Name : No space in party name (eg. ZetaROStaff) Party leader : Sandbox™ - Sorceror Party Members : Lili™ - Guillotine Cross Snow™ - Sura Ciel™ - Shadow Chaser Conan™ - Royal Guard Jaime™ - Genetic Jekt™ - Minstrel
  6. The password is the email you used on your account.
  7. You just have to patch it. Server is not up yet tho. These are just the changelogs. It will be announced on discord once it is up.
  8. Want a Job Costume Ticket? You have come to the right place. You need a party of 5 to be able to enter the Hall of Heritage (@gonpc 37). Only the party leader can get you in, you need 5 credits in order to do so. If you die inside, you can go back as long as there is an active (not dead) party member inside. You can also use Yggdrasil Leaves. THINGS-YOU-NEED-TO-KNOW: You can gain points even if you're the support as long as your party remember delivers the killing blow on the mobs. Points are randomly gained from killing the mobs. (It's like a "drop rate".) Points are ac
  9. Berry Room is restricted to Acolyte Classes. Needs 1 credit per entry. You will be warped out after 2 hours inside. Just type @autoloot or @alootid +607 when you enter, Yggdrasil Berry is the only drop. (Berry Room Npc located in @gonpc 35) Monster Information Doog Yrreb (Lv. 50) HP : 12, 867 Size : Small Race : Demon Element : Dark Recommended Classes Archbishop Necromancer ARCHBISHOP MAGNUS BUILD (Suggested items are based on low-cost items) Headgear (Upper) - Gold Valkyrie Helm / Mizukage Hat (Evil Snake Lord Card
  10. Awwww. It means a lot coming from you GM Nini. Thank youuuu!
  11. This is the guide on how to obtain Fusion Set Items after you finish the quest. (Type @ii2 <item id> to check the stats) Fusion Valkyrie Helm (Item ID: 3864) Fusion Valkyrie Armor (Item ID: 3860) Fusion Valkyrie Shield (Item ID: 3862) Fusion Valkyrie Shoes (Item ID: 3863) Fusion Valkyrie Manteau (Item ID: 3861) Fusion Wing (Item ID: 3865) Step 1: To start Fusion Set Quest talk to the NPC "Guardian of Yuno" located at @warp yuno 209 307 (You should have finished the BTS quest before she can give you the requirements. CLICK HERE FOR BREAK THE SEAL Q
  12. Hi what do you mean by that? How to get mission from @gonpc 27? Or how finish the missions?
  13. This is a guide and a preview for Zeta-RO's Costume Weapon Quest. STEP 1 : Complete the Break The Seal Quest first (link here) before you can talk to the Costume Weapon NPC. Type @gonpc 31 STEP 2 : Complete the following requirements 10, 000 Arena Points (How to earn arena points click here.) 2, 000 GvG Points (Earn points by joining GvG every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday 10pm-11pm) 100 PvP Points (Earn points by surviving and/or killing on our PvP Arena) 20 Mission Points (Earn mission points for every task you finish given by Robin. Must have
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