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  1. nakakatawa ba yung suggestion ko? okey.
  2. sa bot check pwede gawing instant ang pag appear? salamat
  3. with or without Demon Skill, it's just the same, you can kill MVP's easily, except ktullanux and bellzebub .
  4. type @refresh. blind will comeback when you warp or teleport. or simply reset skill tree and don't put skill points on Demon Skill.
  5. owh, really? thank you for that information sir.
  6. Thank you sir, but he says LHZ BOSS, he means the MVP, the boss that drops the sage's diary, etc.
  7. How to be a necromancer class?
  8. mihj

    Bloody Branch

    Up for this suggestion
  9. Yes, except Gopinich.
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