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  2. Alam nyo ba na kapag naka 4,000 pcs TCG Card ka meron itong katumbas na isang THANATOS Card. At kapag naka 5,000 pcs TCG Card ka naman ang katumbas nito ay mga LHZ MVP Cards. Kung ang 1pc TCG Card = 5c ( 5x4000 = 20000/200B - THANATOS Card ) ( 5x5000 = 25000/250B - LHZ MVP Cards ) Kaya naman Nagbebenta ako nang TCG Card (1pc) = 20c
  3. tried re-installing zeta. this happened
  4. Eurus

    Map Is Not Available

    I also got this kind of problem. Anyone here to help?
  5. Hibi

    Map Is Not Available

    why i cant log in? map is not available >,<
  6. REM

    cannot login

    We have same issue. What is this issue?
  7. Yesterday


    I believe that this issue is server-sided and not on the ISP. I'm not subscribed to PLDT and I still experience being disconnected to the game from time to time. Even at off peak times.
  9. Brawler


    Ang dami pong nag rereklamo na palagi pong Disconnect sa game. Kawawa po PLDT User's sa Zeta RO. Sana po ma fix. -Sana mapansin
  10. game msg that map is not available.....need help
  11. Be a priest first. After lvl 99 job 50 u can be rebirth, there a path to make necro
  12. Hi everyone, We have removed the duplicate voters and we'll be continuously doing this until the end of the voting period. Thank you.
  13. https://www.facebook.com/harbegaming page name : HarBeast I have streamed other RO servers in the past, however after several months they've shutted down
  14. Last week
  15. Sad to say its like a pageant. The top 10 who has highest votes are the players in this event
  16. S>+9BALMUNG PM OFFER PREF. DT OR CREDITS IGN: Notify Zero Champ Notify Zero
  17. Hello everyone! We'd like to post an update regarding the Custom Zeta RO caps that we recently made a post about. Since the post went up, we have gotten a lot of feedback and requests from players and have since tried to make adjustments based on said feedback. Regarding the new Customized Caps, we'd like to introduce more customization options and some changes to the way the customization options can be utilized by players who wish to avail of this bespoke item. Based on the reference images included in this post, players can choose between 3 existing cap styles which can then
  18. There is no "best" server. Performance differs on your location & ISP. E.G, my NCR Converge's best server is Tokyo Linode 3, while my guildie's PLDT is Tokyo Aliyun or something like that.
  19. Ano po best piliin na server para iwas lag and packetlost?
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