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  2. Rune Knight Rapid Spear Boomerang Max Lv: 10 Type: Offensive Target: Enemy Description: Throws your spear that rapidly hits the enemy. Skill level affects the number of hits that the target will receive. Hell's Judgement Max Lv: 10 Type: Offensive Target: Self Description: Sacrifices 5% of the caster's Max HP to inflict damage within an area around the caster. Skill level increases the chance of cursing enemies by 1% Dragon Fear Max Lv: 5 Type: Supportive
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  4. Break the Seal is the quest required to make Valkyrie Equipment. Such as Valkyrie armor, Valkyrie Manteau, Valkyrie Shield, Valkyrie Shoes and Sleipnir & Anniversary hat, Bunch of carnation, Nile Rose. Step 1: To start Break the Seal quest talk to the NPC 'Guardian of Prontera' located at @warp prontera 218 230 She will inform you that she's looking for brave warriors willing to defend the world against evil and darkness. If you agree to bring her items listed below she will let you pass to next part of the quest, that will allow you
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  6. Zeta RO - Full Installer Simply download our installer from any of the links, run the Zeta RO patcher, then play the game! Link 1 Link 2 Zeta RO - Lite Installer If you already have an existing kRO/iRO installed, extract the files from the lite installer to your game folder, run the Zeta RO patcher, then play the game! However, if you encounter issues or game crashes, we highly suggest using our full installer instead. Link 1 Link 2
  7. Zeta RO Staff Team [ Admin/Founder ] Sandbox [ GM/Moderator ] Mino [ Moderator ] BestMatch Note: The staff team shall never ask for any personal information, specially your password. If you see someone impersonating the staff team, report them immediately.
  8. In-Game Rules Be respectful to the community, especially the staff team. Do not exploit bugs or unintended behaviors that you encounter. Any form of hate speech is not allowed. Selling your in-game belongings outside the game is strictly prohibited. Do not talk about other RO servers when you are in our platform. Impersonating another person is not allowed. Scamming, hacking, and any form mischievousness is not allowed. However, you are solely responsible for the security of your account and its belongings. Creating a new account or character to
  9. Server Specifications Custom 3rd Job Skills Custom Classes (Necromancer, Hokage) Max Base Level: 255 Max Job Level: 120 Max Attack Speed: 197 Base Exp. Rate: x15000 Job Exp. Rate: x15000 Quest Exp. Rate: x2000 Normal Card Drop Rate: 10% MVP Card Drop Rate: 5% Rare Card Drop Rate: 1% Common Item Drop Rate: x1000 Equipment Drop Rate: x1000 MVP Equipment Drop Rate: x100 Other Features Unlimited Ammunition (Arrows, Bullets, Ninja Tools) Pet Levelling System All monsters can deal critical damag
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