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    • Reduced Guild Capacity to 13. You can still invite 18 players but a only a maximum of 13 players can enter GvG Maps(WoE, KoE, etc.) Box of Sunlight can now be used in GvG maps Removed Guild requirement when claiming a Guild Package. Added +1 Stat on Daedalus Costume Weapons. Added indicator on MvP Arena regarding the number of mobs needed to summon an Evo MVP. Added inventory check on Credit Exchanger to prevent accidental item/zeny loss. Fixed a bug where Blessing Accessories can be worn on No-Donates maps. Buffed Evo MVP cards: Orc Lord - Increased melee-reflect from 50% to 60% Moonlight Flower - Increased movespeed bonus from 80 to 110 Detale - Added 30% MaxHP bonus when worn. Bacsojin - Increased Healing prowess from 50% to 60% Phreeoni - Increased life-steal chance from 5% to 15% and amount from 5% to 15%. Lady Tanee - Removed MaxHP reduction. Dark Lord - Increased MaxHP/SP bonus from 25% to 35% Doppelganger - Increased ASPD bonus from 112% to 130%
    • Ranger Tournament   Mechanics: The event will be held on May 21, 2022, 8:00PM onwards(GMT+8) Single Elimination Bracket: Bracket will be shuffled before the event starts. Each round will be a best of 3 match-up. There will be a 2-minute time limit per round. If the limit has been reached, the round will reset and both players will be buffed with Lv3 Enchant Deadly Poison. If a player decides to avoid the fight for 30 seconds, he/she will automatically lose the round. Maximum of 5 minutes preparation time per match. If the player fails to get ready on time, he/she will lose the match. No "outside" buffs Only RMS equipment are allowed. Both players will be buffed with Berserk before the match starts. Using any kind of healing pots is not allowed. Commands will be disabled inside the map. if you need to get items from your storage, you must do it outside the map. List of restricted items: All Donate Items Gold Valkyrie Set Ifrit Rings Rare Quest NPC Items Rare Cards  Thana Ifrit Randgris Gloom Undernight Berzebub LHZ MVP Cards Nidhoggur Shadow Debuff/Strip Cards Wickebine Tres Metaling Lord of Death Stormy Knight Punk Thanatos Maero Ktullanux Marina Evo MVP Cards Prize: 1st Place Class Tournament Crown (30-day expiry) Player Statue in Class-specific PvP Room 15 Donation & Zeta Points 1 Costume Weapon of Choice 30 TCG 30 Participation Token 200 Credits 100 Unripe Yggdrasil Berry Boxes 15 Days VIP 3 Rental food of choice (30 days) 2nd Place 10 Donation & Zeta Points 20 TCG 20 Participation Token 100 Credits 50 Unripe Yggdrasil Berry Boxes 2 Rental food of choice (30 days) Participation Rewards 2 Event Reward Box
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