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Thank you for considering to donate to ZetaRO. Playing ZetaRO is 100% free; however, donating in exchange of items supports and helps us cover the costs of running a server. Your donations help us pay the server and web hosting fees and also going towards any expansion or upgrades, advertising and other server expenses.

Click one of the images below to select a donation method:

First-Time Donation Promo(Newbies only!): Your first donation to the server will give you 20% more additional Donation & Zeta points.
On top of that, for every $100 donation that you made, you will receive a Gacha Box & Aura Boxes!
(ex. Your first $200 donation will give you 240 Donation & Zeta Points, 2 Gacha & Aura Boxes.)

Donate Items Policy
  • Authenticity.

    • When making a donation, you must provide us with your true, accurate, current and complete information needed for the transaction. ZetaRO has the right to cancel any transaction where there are reasonable grounds to suspect that any information given is untrue, inaccurate, not current and incomplete.

  • Information Security.

    • Rest assured that all information provided for each transaction will be kept confidential.

  • Refunds.

    • All donations made and benefits received are non-refundable or exchangable.

  • Donate Item Gifts.

    • By donating, please do remember that you are helping to keep ZetaRO alive. You are not purchasing an item or paying us for a service. All items received for purchasing an item are considered as our token of gratitude for supporting us.

  • Lost Purchased/Donation Items.

    • Please be aware that ZetaRO Staffs will not be held liable if any funds or items are lost due to any circumstances (i.e., hacking/scamming).

  • No Exemptions.

    • Making a donation does not exempt you in any way from abiding all Server and Forum Rules.

Using Streamer/Staff Codes:
  • When you include a streamer/staff code in your donation form, the corresponding streamer/staff will receive a 3% cash or 6% points equivalent of the amount that you donated for
  • i.e. You donate $100. You'll get 100 Donation & Zeta Points and the streamer/staff will get 6 Donation & Zeta Points or $3 in cash.
  • Streamer/staff codes will only be recognized if they are included in the donation form that was sent upon donating..
  • Below are the list of staff codes that you can use to support our team:
    • LILI - Lili™
    • P4YE - Jaime™
    • DRUP - Droopy™
    • CALI - Calista™
    • CHAN - Shoti™
    • SNOW - Snow™

By purchasing items, you agree to the above policies.

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