08:00PM - 10:00PM


Getting Started

A free 3rd job change of your choice is available for the first character in your account. Select blessing to receive the starter package:
• Silver Valkyrie Set.
• Doppelganger Card.
• +10 Weapons (Based on your selected attributes in the beggining).
• Field Manual (Experience x300%).
Basic training maps to level up (using Field Manual and Doppelganger Card):
• Level 1-30: @warp pay_fild04 (Poring).
• Level 30-110: @warp pay_fild02 (Wolf).
• Level 110-180: @warp kh_dun01 (Aliza).
• Level 180-255: @warp thor_v01 (Kasa).

Job Changer and Reset Girl

• Do @skillall before using the Job Master NPC @ Prontera 153 192.
• Do /str+ 50 or /int+ 255 and so on to easily add stats, reset using the Reset Girl NPC @ Prontera 150 192.

Platinum Skills, Rental & Mall

• Our server is unique with custom 3rd job skills only for balance purposes.
• Platinum skills are available @ Prontera 128 194.
• Rental NPC for cart/falcon/peco peco is @ Prontera 124 198.
• Shop usable items, weapons, talismans and more in @go mall.

You are all set! What's next?

The War of Emperium

• Participate for more than 30 minutes every WoE to claim your WoE Reward @ Prontera 153 196.
• Every Monday 8:00-10:00PM / Wednesday 1:00-2:00AM / Friday 8:00-10:00PM / Sunday 1:00-2:00AM.
• We follow GMT+8 in our server time (@time) or see WoE Timer in @go 0.

Frequently Asked Questions

» Where is the Quest Room?
• We have Quest NPCs all over in town. Please refer to this guide for the Quest NPC coordinates:
Click Here to see the Quest Lists:

» What is TCG for and how to obtain TCG?
• TCG is an event prize obtained from Events.
• Use TCG for the TCG Shop @ Prontera 136 170 or trade with the TCG Collector in Turbo_Room 108 119.

» Where can I use my Vote Points?
• Convert your vote points in the Vote Points Shop NPC @ Prontera 147 153 to buy in VPS Shop.
• Every 12 hours you can vote in our website: http://zeta-ro.net/vote

» Other ways to farm or earn zeny/credits?
• Farm Yggs in @warp prt_maz03 and type @alootid 608 1 and @alootid 607 2 for autoloot.
• Enter to Gold Room(@warp Prontera 165 153) and Farm Golds.
• Complete headgear, wings and weapon quest.
• Buy and sell your items.
• Register on Monster Arena and farm points for rare items.

» What is Lite Graphics Plugin or @LGP?
• Lite Graphics Plugin is a unique feature of ZetaRO for anti-lag and aoe skill range/gauge.
• Another useful command for anti-lag is @shake which disables shaking effects of specific skills.
• Type @commands for other available commands.

» I need a support, where can I find the staff?
• Find the Angel around prontera to check the staff availability.
• If there's available staff, you can type @? "your question".
• If there's no available staff, you can go to www.zeta-ro.net/forum then post your concern.